About Us

We are a family owned business and the core of our business includes treating you as a family member as well.  You can expect friendly, reliable service from Olsen Oil.  

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Why Pay More?

Get fast quality oil delivery at low, low discount prices.

We are a lean, efficient, independent company and we pass the savings on to you.


Separate and Save 

Separate out your service contract from the price of your oil, and find out how much you are actually paying for oil. You wouldn’t let your auto mechanic force you to buy your gasoline at 20 to 30 cents a gallon more. Don’t let your big oil company combine their price for oil with their mechanical services.

Mechanical Services

We offer a wide range of independent service technicians. You can choose from our freelance professionals or 24 hour service providers.

The Casino Always Wins 

Never lock in your price! Big companies charge a premium for this “privilege”. Gimmicks like these ensure that you pay more for your oil.

What our Customers are saying about us!

I've used Olsen Oil for my last few fill-ups and have nothing but great things to say about them. Their prices are almost always the lowest (or a couple pennies more when they are not) with the current price advertised on their website. When I call in the morning, I get delivery THAT DAY, typically within a few hours. The one time I called them and no one answered, Olsen Oil called me back within minutes and apologized for missing my call. Excellent customer service, fair pricing, and quick delivery = satisfied customer.

- Michael D

Great guy and good prices. Even came out on a Sunday, when no one bothered to return

our calls over the weekend. Really top notch.

– K. L


We are new to our house and accidentally let our tank go empty. We called around on Saturday morning to find anyone who would help us. Many of the bigger places were either rude or didn't respond. He called us back later in the morning and said he could be there in an hour. He was there almost exactly 1 hr later and filled our tank. Because it was an especially large tank, he gave us a break and it was by far the best price we'd been quoted.

– Leigh CC


Great service, always delivers on time, good price...

– Mike Ballas

Great Service. Great Price. Delivered within 1 hour of me calling him. Highly recommend.

- Carl D.

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